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Staged Self-Portraits by the Photographer Fritz Möller
  An album "Physiognomic Studies" made for the World Exhibition in Paris, 1900
Malicious, sickly sweet, coquettish - a smile can be so many different things! This book offers an unusual and fascinating survey of the range of expressive possibilities. After all, over 100 years of photographic history lie between its first appearance at a world exhibition and this publication.The unique work with its studies of facial expression - awarded several prizes when it first appeared - is being presented in its entirety for the first time here.
Its creator, the photographer Fritz Möller (1860 - 1923), was rediscovered only recently in connection with his early architectural shots of Halle. In the studies shown here, he links his photographic profession to a love of the theatre. We encounter the unusual situation, therefore, when photographer and model are one and the same person.
In three accompanying essays, photo-historical, aesthetic and psychological frames of reference are drawn, illuminating the history of culture and mentality around 1900.